Location of the David Band Law Firm

David Band Law Firm
422 S. Broad Street
New Orleans, LA

The David Band Law Firm is located in the geographic center of the City of New Orleans. We are convenient to all courts of the area and right across the street from the Criminal Court Building. PARKING IS NO PROBLEM, even in the congested Tulane and Broad Neighborhood, as we have a new parking lot with offstreet parking for 15 cars just to the left of the building.

Because of our geographic location and proximity to all of the courts in the New Orleans area, we are able to offer virtually instant and immediate service for any legal needs.

Not only is the office easy to locate, but clients can simply walk up the steps and find a notary at a computer in the reception room to serve their notarial needs or an attorney ready to offer, for a very modest price, an initial consultation and advice, with a reassuring and confident suggestion to even the most complicated legal problem.

The Big Cheezy has opened a charming cafe and coffee shop on the first floor which offers clients a relaxed, easy manner of consultation complete with delicious lunches prepared by disadvantaged youths supervised by a Non-profit organization dedicated to that purpose..

The Band Law Firm, 422 S. Broad St., New Orleans, LA 70119

With our centrally located office, we get a constant stream of walk in Notarial Clients and people with questions about the most routine and mundane legal problems. No problem is too small or too large for the David Band Law Firm.

Our building is a quaint 95 year old wood frame building across the street from the Criminal Court Building at Tulane and Broad. The interior was a New Orleans shot gun four-plex, now converted to an upper and lower duplex. Simply entering our waiting room is like stepping back in time.

We have space available for attorneys, accountants, a graphics business or copy service, or any other internet-type entrepreneurs. We now have a perfect meeting room environment downstairs at Liberty’s Kitchen which is directly downstairs and offers a pleasant conference room facility. Ours is a substantial size building with plenty of room for expansion with the right people.